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What I Do

What would you say you do here?


Stop struggling with trying to come up with interesting topics for your blog, status updates for your company or dealing with boring writers. My job is to get you exciting copy for whatever you need — just ask. 


Quality editorial content is clean, free of errors and comes in on time. As the editor in chief of multiple publications and websites, I know how to provide the materials you need in a timely manner. 


Copy Editing

Professionally formatted copy can be the difference between selling your product and losing the sale. From advertising to Facebook status updates, I can copy edit them all. 

Who I Work With

My work has appeared in lots of places. Here are a few of them.


Sometimes people say nice things about me.

Plain Text

What am I thinking about today? Who knows. Let's find out.


I wonder if there’s any point in this. And by “this,” I mean several things. The blog. The fight. The stress. I’ve been writing on this blog every weekday for a long time now. Enough to accumulate almost 200 posts, […]

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Crippled by Email

I used to be so good about handling my email. I’d get back to people quickly, respond with the necessary information and move on my way. But now, I’m just not doing so well with the massive influx of messages, […]

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Across the Pond

Yesterday, I met some of my coworkers at Envato (the parent company for AppStorm) for the first time. Being one of those guys who works mostly on the Internet means that you don’t often have a chance to speak to […]

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