I tell stories.

Boy, these kind of web pages are insufferable, amirite?


Well, here goes. My name is Kevin Whipps, and I'm a writer, copywriter, editor and author ā€” basically, that's four ways to say the same thing. But hey, some people want the specifics, so there you go.

That picture to the left? It's a few years old now, but I keep it because a) I like it; b) my double chin is less prominent than usual; and c) because I haven't had a decent picture taken of myself since. If you want to imagine what I look like now, imagine more gray up top. Oh, and different glasses.

Things you should probably know? Well Iā€™m the author of a book: How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1973-1987. You can buy it wherever books are sold. Come the Spring of 2020, you'll also be able to buy How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1967-1972, and I'm currently working on How to Install Air Ride Suspension Systems, which should be out in 2021.

I'm also a dad and husband, with two kids, a wife and two dogs. One of them is on Prozac ā€” one of the dogs, not the kids. Or wife. My dog is nuts, I guess is the gist here.

Anywho, point is I'm always looking for additional assignments. If you think you might fit in there? Let me know. Thanks.