About Me

A little bit about Kevin Whipps.


My daughter and I, taken in early 2017.

My daughter and I, taken in early 2017.

OK, I’ll get the basics out of the way. I was born in Montréal, raised in Boston, and back in the day, my folks packed us all up into a Ryder van and a Chevy Suburban and trekked across the country to Arizona. I’ve lived in and around the Phoenix area ever since.

I’m married to the wonderful Kirsten — “Sorry, ladies,” he said as sarcastically as possible — and have been since 2008. We’ve got two kids: Kevin Whipps Jr. who goes by KJ, and Kaylee, who we just call Kaylee because it would be weird to do otherwise. So yes, for those of you counting at home, that means we have four “K” names in the house, and two of them have the same initials. You’re welcome.

I started building custom cars and trucks back in the ’90s. My vehicles have been shown at SEMA a few times, and I’ve been on three magazine covers over the years. I took a break from the scene in 2010 when my son was born, but I have an ‘81 Silverado in my garage that I’m dying to tear into. Soon.

On a professional note, I’ve been writing since 1999. Most of my work is around the automotive world, but I’ve also dabbled in fashion, lifestyle and web work. I’ve been the editor of four magazines and two websites, I’ve written two books with a third on the way, and I do copywriting work, too.

Want to talk shop or see if I can work for you? Let’s sync up so we can find out if we have any synergy or the broadband to work together — or whatever other corporate lingo you want to use. Find me here.